Artsonswire industrial

Ideal for all types of fabricating.

  • SAE 1006/1008 low carbon plain steel
  • Diameter ranges from .048” to .500”
Ideal for tying or forming, black annealed wire is a soft wire for easy bending. We batch anneal the wire in our atmosphere controlled furnaces for consistency.
  • Diameter ranges from .048” to .500”
Galvanized coated steel wire for looks and protection.
  • Diameter ranges .062” to .306”
  • Special order sizes and grades available with minimum purchase
  • Bright basic steel wire manufactured with indentations. Common uses include grapevine training rods and concrete reinforcement.
    • Diameter ranges from .187” to .500”
    Our wire straightening and cutting service is available to all our customers whether the wire is provided by our customer, or purchased from us. The following sizes are easily accommodated:
    • Diameter ranges from .048” to .500”
    • Lenght ranges from .1” to .45”