Artsons | Baling Wire – Industrial Wire – Landscape Staples


If you are looking for baling wire, look no further than Artsons Wire. Long recognized as California’s leading manufacturer of bale ties, black annealed wire, and box baling wire, we deliver a variety of sizes and lengths packaged to meet your needs—wherever you are on the West Coast. As one of the last family owned small wire mills, we assure your satisfaction through customer service, quality “made in the USA” products, and attention to detail.
From basic steel wire and black annealed wire, to wholesale galvanized wire and straight and cut wire, Artsons Wire is used in many applications such as concrete reinforcement, decorative items, display racks, and tie wire.

  • Galvanized wire and black annealed wire options 125 or 250 pieces per bundle
  • Lengths up to 22 feet
  • Diameter sizes from 11 gauge to 15 gauge, including half gauges
  • Packaged straight, on pallets, or in Gaylord boxes
  • 1018 carbon steel for a balance of strength and elongation
  • 1008 available for greater elongation
  • Batch annealed for superior ductility and consistency
  • Diameter ranges from 9 gauge to 14 gauge
  • 100 lb. coils or coil on carriers
  • Made from black annealed wire
  • Sizes from 10 gauge to 13 gauge
  • Choice of feed from outside or center of coil
  • 100 lb. coils packaged in 36 boxes per pallet
  • 50 lb. coils packaged in 45 boxes per pallet